先介绍一下歌手好了,Nina Girado,菲律宾女歌手、作曲家、制作人、商业模特等。至今发行过6张专辑。音色很棒但是一直不怎么为人所知。What



I often wonder just how it can be 我时常怀疑 最后怎么会变这样

But everytime I think about it 但每次一想起来

Seems impossible to me 就好像一切都不是真的

I wanna touch you, call out your name 想触碰你 轻呼你的名字

Would you be my love, would you be my friend 你能做我的爱人吗 或仅是个朋友

Would you feel the same 你也会有这相似的感觉吗

What if wishes all came true 如果那时所有愿望都能成真

And each one had a star每个人都能得到属于自己的那一颗星星 

That would keep it shining brightly 每个人都会让那颗星星闪闪发光

However near or far 但星星不是太近就是太远

What if a miracle appeared 如果有一个奇迹发生

And heaven was here for us to see 我们一起看到天堂就在咫尺

Oh what if you, were to fall in love with me 哦 如果你那时和我相爱

I imagine, a picture in my mind 脑海中想象着一个画面

You and me we’ll be together 我们能在一起

Together for all time 直到永远

Like in the fairytales 就像童话里的故事

Where everything comes real 在那里什么都能成真

Would you take my hand, would you understand Just how I feel? 你能牵起我的手 感受我的内心吗

Its not impossible Its not impossible 那不是不可能的

It happens each day每天都在发生新恋情

People find each other有人遇到了另一半

Fall in love with one another然后彼此相爱了

It happens this way爱情就可以来的这么突然

Its not impossible Its not impossible那不是不可能的

I don’t believe我就不信

If I close my eyes如果闭上双眼

If I make a wish许个心愿

You’d be loving me你就会对我有感觉的吧

What if wishes all came true?如果所有的愿望都能成真



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